Adapt or Wither – New Realities of the Brave New Digital World.


The Emerging Checklist from the Ongoing Euphoria Around the New PokeMon Go Movement! Let’s Try to Get ‘Em All!

Digital Disruption at Its New Best!

You might have guessed that this a reaction to the PokeMon Go phenomenon that has taken over, well, now most of the world.  Surpassing Tinder, Twitter, Snapchat,Whatsapp, and several others, this mobile app has set an all time engagement recordof more than 7.5M downloads (just in the U.S),  an unheard of engagement time of over 43 minutes per user, a daily revenue of over $1.6M and a total of 21 million active users. Click here if you want to dive into deeper statistics.

As a first mobile AR application, it breaks pretty much most of all records and presents new realities – some scary, some revolutionary, some innovative but most of all some very inevitable.

How Do We Prepare for the New Reality

1.For Technologists: A New Technology Robustness  Mechanism to Support Demand and Defend Hacks

A few hours ago, I heard that the PokemonGo servers crashed as millions of folks tried to access this game. A hacking group named PoodleCorp has claimed responsibility for taking down the Pokemon Go servers through a denial of service (DDOS) attack. And there’s no estimated recovery time.

Earlier in July, the servers had crashed soon after launch because they could not keep pace with the new AR realities and the unprecedented demand. I am sure the world was not ready for this and neither did Niantic predict or forecast this demand to scale capacities.

It goes without saying that the future of AR needs more strong engineering minds to monitor the hackers and design more robust infrastructure in the cloud to manage scale. My friends at AWS, Citrix and others, please lend me your ears!

2.For New Gen Marketers and User Experience Superstars – A New Mindset to AR (Augmented Reality) Marketing

Mobile applications have changed the definition of ‘traditional’ marketing with journeys driven to impact in-app purchases through mobile ads and mobile content optimization.  BTW, AppAnnie predicts that the company could earn more than $1B annually just from in-app purchases.

There’s also a plethora of opportunity around creating branded PokeStops and a huge potential with mobile wallet offers with smart beacons that players can download while passing these Pokestops.

As there’s lot of foot traffic flocking to these Pokestops, there’s opportunity for marketers at these retail stores to keep them humming. There is talk around creating ‘juice stops’ to recharge devices since the application hogs a lot of battery. Great opportunity for coffee shops and yogurt bars to get some new spike in business.

And we can’t miss the influence of social media channels to Tweet and Snapchat about Pikachu and Raichu ‘hanging out’ in the near vicinity.  Here’s how some the world’s leading brands are using this phenomenon to make marketing matter!

For the record, Augmented Reality market is estimated to be trending at close to $120B by 2020!

3.For New Gen Parents and Teachers – A New Approach to Manage Gen – Zers and Their Digital Learning

I know that the parent community is already starting to get worried with kids flying across highways to catch Pokemons and blaming cars for not watching out! There’s also a huge security concern around kids being out and about and drifting to lonely and dangerous places making them prone to thefts and other vulnerabilities.

There are questions around the element of non-moderation resulting in reduced time spent on ‘productive activities’. I think we are going to see a surge in this concern next month after summer from teachers and educational institutions.

But there’s a silver lining. This could mark the start of a brand new learning culture. And, although there’s no golden rule, we’ll need a ‘new’ way to deal with these kids as parents and teachers. One way is to embrace their new future and be a part of theiraugmented reality journey and learning.

And don’t forget, it is ‘transforming’ your ‘once upon a time’ couch potatoes to count their steps, shed the fat, and hit their health goals!

Have Fun!

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